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Passionate about advocacy, education, and BRAD? We are looking for individuals around the country and the world to serve as BRAD Regional Champions. As a part of this NEW program you will have the opportunity to increase BRAD participation in your city, state, and region! 


Perks of being a BRAD Regional Champion:


  • Special BRAD Champion gift included in your BRAD box

  • Fantastic leadership development opportunity

  • Bring BRAD to your local AALAS branch meeting

  • Serve as a resource for Americans for Medical Progress should we need a regional representative on an issue or at a conference 

  • Help shape BRAD activities and the program as a whole

  • Make an impact on our field and speak up for science! 

BRAD Regional Champion

Goals for BRAD Regional Champion:


  • Contact other institutions, organizations, businesses, and more in your region 

  • Share information about BRAD and the importance of animal research

  • Assist others in hosting BRAD events by serving as the ambassador for their institution or working with someone from their institution

  • Recruit 3 new participants/organizations per year to host their own BRAD event   


Possible participants to contact as a BRAD Regional Champion:


  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools

  • Technical schools

  • Veterinary clinics

  • K-12 classes

  • Local businesses, community centers, libraries, and more!


If you are interested in serving as a BRAD Regional Champion, email us for more information and to get started!  


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