Progress in Mental Health: The Role of Animal Research 

Date: Thursday, September 17th 12-1 PM CST

We are all facing increased stress these days. Dr. Prevot's research focuses on the neurobiology of stress, aging and their relationships with one another. He seeks to understand how stress and aging impact quality of life and how they can lead to psychiatric and neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Prevot has used advanced digital technology for animal monitoring in several of his studies. 

The BRAD 2020 Webinar is sponsored by Tecniplast.


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Building Your Best BRAD 2020 

Date: Tuesday, February 18th 3-4 PM ET

Need some planning inspiration? Want to see new materials for BRAD 2020? Interested in hearing from form BRAD participants? BRAD Founder and Program Director, Dr. Logan France, discussed how to get started in planning your event, including strategies for reaching your target audience and maximizing exposure. Attendees heard tips from former BRAD participants and saw various games and activities that can be incorporated into regional events. 


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BRAD 2019: Tips, Tricks, and What's New?

Date: Tuesday, February 26th 3-4 PM ET


During the first BRAD webinar, Dr. Logan France discussed planning, logistics, ideas, and activities to incorporate into your own events, and attendees got a sneak peek at new items for BRAD 2019. Participants had the chance to ask any questions they had, and new BRAD coordinators heard the success stories (and lessons learned) from some of our BRAD veterans. 


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BRAD 2019 Planning Q & A 

Date: Tuesday, March 26th 3-4 PM ET


How do you engage people at your BRAD table? Do you have tips for answering challenging questions about animal research? What do I do if someone reacts negatively? AMP’s BRAD Program Director, Dr. Logan France, participated in a video Q&A  and answered last minute questions about hosting BRAD 2019!


Click here to watch the recorded webinar. 

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