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Congratulations to the winners of the BEST BRAD AWARD!


This award recognizes institutions, organizations, and companies that have shown creativity, innovation, and dedication to outreach and education through planning and execution of their BRAD event. 

Thank you to all who submitted nominations - we were blown away by the incredible events hosted around the world. 

Learn more about the winners' events and what BRAD means to them below.

#1 Nebraska AALAS

About the Event:

Nebraska AALAS has been participating in BRAD events for the last several years. We've also been participating in the Nebraska Science Fest since 2018. Over the last few years, we've merged these two events to celebrate them together during the public expo at the Nebraska SciFest. We've collected donations from other institutions and research companies along with BRAD boxes and materials. We welcomed the general public at our booth, quizzing them on their pets and how research animals contribute to the treatments that help keep them and their furry family members healthy and safe. We discussed careers in animal research, emphasizing the importance of having compassionate animal enthusiasts in our field, and engaged them in activities pertaining to laboratory animal enrichment. We were very pleased at how positive of a response we received from the attendees. Children, teens, parents, and other attendees made inquiries to learn more about the role of animals in research and were impressed to learn that there are such committed teams ensuring the best of care is given to the animals who give so much in turn. We've been able to play BINGO, enrichment matching games, Q and A sessions, hand out educational materials, posters, stickers, tattoos, and other supplies that help keep everyone engaged when learning about biomedical research and animal science thanks to BRAD. 


What BRAD means to Nebraska AALAS:

“BRAD offers the research community a foot to stand on in advocating for the importance of animals in research and how they’re the champions of ground-breaking discoveries. Moreso, you help demonstrate animal research in a positive, informed light, which is so crucial when engaging with our communities both in and outside of research” – Allie Scamardo


"Because of BRAD, I, along with the rest of the NE AALAS branch, have access to materials and resources to help educate ourselves and our audiences (whether that be at branch meetings, district meetings, national meetings, or community engagements) about the importance of animals in biomedical research. We are able to be an advocate for these animals and know our work benefits both humans and animal lives.” – Allison Anderson

#2 Emory University

About the Event:

BRAD at Emory University is an annual event that everyone looks forward to and has encouraged the local biomedical community in a positive way. We encourage inclusivity, with volunteers from not only veterinary and animal care staff, but from our research teams, administration, and IACUC. This diverse team worked diligently for months to stage a mini-BRAD fest.   


At our first post-2020 in-person event in 2022, we moved the event to capture more community engagement, capitalizing on the global focus of vaccine and drug development that followed the pandemic. Tents, tables with treats, activities, and real-world enclosure and enrichment examples were set up in a high traffic foot path area on Emory's campus, right in front of campus dining. We had enormous positive face-to-face discussion with future researchers, future educators, and future citizens; allowing for education, communication, and friendly discourse over a cup of coffee and cookies about the important role animals play in science. 


We focus on our volunteers, educating and preparing them for dialogues about the positive impact they and the animals are playing in our everyday lives. Utilizing prepared pamphlets, photos, videos published by the efforts of AMP via BRAD, Come See Our World, thank an animal series, and various other materials. BRAD offers our technicians and researchers a safe space to engage with the public with physical support around them; showing everyone that simple engaging communication is crucial to our story.    


 We engaged with our creative and enthusiastic team to create new ideas each year. Over the last couple of years, we have introduced balloon animals, biomedical animal temporary tattoos, button making (with hand-coloring options), and hands-on equipment demonstrations. BRAD at Emory pioneered animal fingerprints to show support. We have interactive games that incorporate the white-board game and social media posts; a spin-the-wheel game that is a crowd-pleaser and educational; as well as photo booths with BRAD balloons and support signs. We, of course, have tons of food! We hand out coffee, cookies, locally sourced popsicles, and freshly made popcorn from our BRAD popcorn machine for those on the run. There are prizes for everything – from participation to jackpots – sourced from our BRAD box, vendor partners, and outreach organizations. BRAD at Emory gets bigger each year, reaching new generations of decision makers here in Atlanta. 

What BRAD means to Emory University:

"Participating in BRAD has allowed me to develop and improve upon my skills for speaking about animal research to all demographics of audience from the general public with little to no scientific background to doctoral staff, from elementary to senior citizens.   The BRAD program supports and facilitates what animal research advocates were doing already but in a harmonized, more organized and intentional way.  It is really inspiring to see all of the BRAD initiatives that people are undertaking and the innovative ways they are engaging with educating their communities about the work we carry out.  I believe that the BRAD program is really making a difference in increasing awareness about all the great things that go on and result from animal research.  This is evidenced by the growing number of participating institutions internationally. "- Sherrie Jean

"BRAD is special to me because it is an opportunity to proudly educate others about the amazing animals I care for and why they are so important. Emory’s BRAD event has expanded greatly over the years and is held in the heart of Emory’s main campus. We are able to spread the word about the importance of animals in biomedical research to hundreds of Emory students, faculty, and staff!"

- Rachelle Stammen

#3 Allentown

About the Event:

At Allentown, care is the cornerstone of everything we do, and serving science with integrity and innovative solutions is our ultimate objective and driving force. So, that’s why when we decided to host a BRAD event for our employees at our North American headquarters, we knew we had to make it impactful! Here’s a rundown of our activities:


1. We enlisted the help of our dear friend Dr. Cindy Buckmaster to create a video message for our 200+ U.S.-based employees. We knew it was critical to show our employees how their daily work influences and changes the world. So, who better to deliver that message than a 30+ year industry veteran who, in her words, “loves animals and people. And I believe that transparency, reason, and compassion can unite us to guide more informed and loving approaches for studying health and disease.”


We presented the video message in a theater-type viewing that Cindy recorded for our group. The message included Cindy thanking each employee for their daily contributions to biomedical research – for the cures, treatments, vaccines, and life-saving discoveries each person’s work supports. Cindy’s emotional message and delivery brought many to tears, and our team walked away from the event changed.


2. Our CEO addressed and handed out annual recognition awards. Our CEO at the time, John Coiro, presented awards to employees and spoke about how biomedical research has influenced his life and the significant impact our employees have in helping to achieve scientific breakthroughs.


3. We celebrated with food trucks and specialty cookies! To make things even more unforgettable, we provided food trucks with a delicious lunch for the team and Brad/Allentown-branded cookies. As we enjoyed the food and time outdoors, team members got a chance to socialize, relax, and enjoy.


To attract employees to participate, we set up vibrant BRAD tables outdoors in the sunshine with lively BRAD balloons and prizes. We distributed swag giveaways and literature and played biomedical research trivia, encouraging employees to visit the tables, ask questions, and learn. It was exciting to bring employees with varying tenures to learn from and teach one another about biomedical research.

To attract employees to participate, we set up vibrant BRAD tables outdoors in the sunshine with lively BRAD balloons and prizes. We distributed swag giveaways and literature and played biomedical research trivia, encouraging employees to visit the tables, ask questions, and learn. It was exciting to bring employees with varying tenures to learn from and teach one another about biomedical research.


We had so much fun at our BRAD event that we couldn’t help posting about it on our social media platforms! We shared pictures, videos, and quotes on all platforms. Furthermore, we created a blog story all about BRAD (, its mission, and how to participate. We shared the blog on our social media platforms, including pictures from our event, the BRAD posters we helped create, and links to learn about BRAD.


What BRAD means to Allentown:

BRAD holds a special place in our hearts at Allentown. It is completely in line with our company’s Improving Lives core value, and embodies a collective commitment to advancing biomedical research as well as underscores the profound impact laboratory animal science has in shaping the future of science and healthcare. BRAD is not just an event for us; it's a symbol of our dedication to transparency, innovation, and fostering a workplace where every employee feels empowered by their contributions.


The BRAD event has enhanced our internal efforts to bring our team even closer together, creating a sense of community and shared purpose. The engaging activities, heartfelt messages, and celebratory atmosphere have boosted morale and strengthened the bonds within our organization. BRAD has reminded us that we are part of something much larger – a global community dedicated to advancing health and well-being.

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