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BRAD is 8 years old! To celebrate we are launching the BEST BRAD AWARD! Did you host or attend an incredible BRAD event? Nominate the best BRAD celebration from the last 3 years for the Best BRAD Award. This award will recognize an institution, organization, or company that has shown creativity, innovation, and dedication to outreach and education through planning and execution of their BRAD event. BRAD events hosted in the past 3 years may be nominated, and the nomination must be submitted by an attendee or organizer of the event.

Contest Details:

  • Any event within the past 3 years may be nominated

  • Nominee must have organized and/or attended the event

  • Nominations are due by December 1st

The winner will receive:

  • Recognition during the BRAD 2024 Webinar, on social media, and on the BRAD website as the Best BRAD

  • Extra BRAD swag for BRAD 2024

  • Free BRAD 2024 registration

  • An opportunity to share tips and event ideas with BRAD participants through various channels including social media posts, video updates, and email communication


Complete the form below or click the button to nominate an event.

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