BRAD 2021 will be celebrated in-person on September 16th, 2021. How you choose to celebrate BRAD is up to you! Your celebration can be small (involving a single class or department), larger (involving the entire institution, company, and the general public), or anything in between. Here are example activities that may be part of your BRAD event:

  • Table with informational handouts, freebies, posters, and a support banner for participants to sign

  • Seminar on topics related to biomedical research and laboratory animal care/medicine

  • Rounds and case presentations related to laboratory animal care/medicine

  • Interactive activities such as games, trivia, jeopardy, and a scavenger hunt – often with prizes! See the “Games & Activities” section in the BRAD Toolkit for more ideas! 

  • Tour of research facilities and/or vivarium


Have other ideas? Go for it and share them with us! We are always looking for new ideas to incorporate into BRAD. Make the event your own and have fun doing it!

Watch BRAD Webinar

The webinar was given by Thomas Prevot, Ph.D. from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. on stress, aging and their relationships with one another.

The BRAD 2020 Webinar was sponsored by Tecniplast.

Click here to watch the recording!

Reusable Tablecloth

Click here to purchase a tablecloth, or consider using a reusable tablecloth!

Support Banner

Use clear packing tape to hang this on the wall next to your table and have sharpie markers available for people to sign the banner. 

Enrichment Matching Game

This is a great way to get booth participation! Purchase your copy by clicking here !

Whiteboard Activity

Participants are provided with prompts in a “fill-in-the-blank” fashion to express why animal research is important to them.Take photos of participants with their completed prompts and email them for inclusion in a BRAD collage! You may also post the pictures on Facebook during your event.  


By registering for BRAD, you will automatically receive a box of freebies, posters, and educational materials for your event! Haven't signed up yet? Click here


Try two blue balloons and one white balloon on each side of the table for a great look, or purchase large balloon letters that spell out "BRAD" here

Enrichment Devices

Discuss how we use the various devices with the animals, and have a few monkey treats on the table to entice visitors and start a conversation!